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Dog Boarding

About Our Dog Boarding Services

Dogs are your extended family and are treated as family in our TLC Pet Care Services in Fort Lauderdale. As pet owners, we completely understand the importance of ensuring your pet is cared for in a safe, secure dog boarding facility when you’re away and offer the best in hospitality for every extended pet stay. TLC Pet Care Services offers a warm, loving environment so that you have peace of mind no matter where you go.

Staying a While?

We provide door to door services for our packages of 4 or more days of boarding.

TLC PCS Boarding

Get an estimate for boarding your dogs by using our cost estimator! Please note prices are approximate. If you would like to go ahead and book overnight boarding. Get a FREE Boarding Night, First Time Clients Only.

Get a price estimate for boarding your pets at TLC Pet Care Services!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot board dogs showing excessing barking, as they disturb the calm and enjoyable
environment we provide to all our guests. Breed restrictions: non-neutered pitbulls, American Staffordshire
terriers, terrier mixed, lab mixed older than 6 months.
We no longer welcome anxious dogs showing excessive barking, hauling & destructive behavior.
We reserve the right of refusing service for the above reasons.

Dog Boarding in Fort Lauderdale

In a perfect world, we would never need to leave our pets behind. However, as family vacations, business trips, and other travel obligations pop up on the calendar, you will need to find a loving place for your pup to stay while you’re away. TLC Pet Care Services provides dog boarding in Fort Lauderdale that you can feel good about.

TLC Pet Care Services is owned and operated by longtime pet owners, so we understand what concerned pet parents want to see in a boarding facility. As a result, our boarding services ensure that your dog is safe, healthy, and loved while you’re away.

Our Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Our dog boarding accommodations are not typical kennels. We host dogs in a large home environment with dedicated private spaces for sleeping and feeding. A 1-acre, fully fenced backyard provides plentiful opportunities for free running and play. However, dogs will be primarily housed indoors with appropriate climate control for the season.

In addition to comfort for our four-legged guests, we’ve also prioritized safety. We clean and disinfect indoor spaces daily. We also have a three-stage air filtration system to keep things tidy and fresh inside. To keep fleas and ticks at bay, we treat indoor and outdoor areas once monthly to prevent these common pests.

  • At least four 10-20-minute potty breaks per day. (Additional breaks provided for puppies and younger dogs.)
  • Around-the-clock human supervision. Dogs are never left alone during their stay.
  • Adherence to regular feeding schedules and daily routines.
  • A private play pen area where your dog can sleep, eat, and have personal belongings such as favorite toys or treats. If you are boarding multiple pets, they will be kept in the same area unless otherwise requested.

What Makes Us a Great Choice for Pet Parents

Along with the right environment for happy pets, we provide pet parents peace of mind with optional web cam monitoring in your pets’ private sleeping space. All pet parents will receive text and photo updates throughout their pets’ stay. If you want to try out TLC Pet Care’s dog boarding during your next overnight trip, you can book online above, or call us at 942-295-5050.