Pet Care & Grooming in South Florida

Dog Training

Our classes are fun, effective and focused on helping both handler and pet. We have a no fear, no pain policy using fun and effective tactics to train dogs. 
Our paw trainers will:

Provide a personal feeding schedule to encourage housebreaking

Correcting Problems such as: Play biting | Jumping |Digging

Basic Obedience Commands include: Come | Sit | Stay | Down | No jump | Off | Leave it | No bite | Walking on a leash | Heel

Basic Training

Basic Obedience Sessions – $125

Basic Obedience 30 Day Bootcamp Training – $3600

Bootcamp Training

One Week Bootcamp Training – $1500

Two Weeks Bootcamp Training – $2400

Three Weeks Bootcamp Training – $3200

Doggie Daycare Training

5 Days Doggie Daycare Training – $700
10 Days Doggie Daycare Training – $1400